Do you accept applications or payments by mail?

Yes.  As long as permits are properly filled out and signed, they may be mailed in.

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1. What is required when filing for a Construction Permit?
2. Do I need to notify residents prior to demolition?
3. When do I need to notify Police Department?
4. How do I obtain a Dumpster Permit?
5. Who is responsible for tree maintenance?
6. Are prior approvals needed to obtaining a Certificate of Continued Occupancy?
7. Do I need a Certificate upon renting of Commercial Property?
8. Can I start work and schedule inspections once construction permit application is submitted to the office?
9. Do I need a Zoning Permit for replacing of patio in rear or side yard of my property?
10. Do I need a permit for a shed?
11. Do you accept credit or debit cards as forms of payment?
12. Do you accept applications or payments by mail?
13. Can I fax or email application forms?
14. What are sign regulations?