Animal Control

The Animal Control Division conducts annual free rabies clinic.

Patrol services, provided through a contract with the NJ Animal Control and Rescue LLC, respond to complaints of loose animals in the community.

Animal Traps

Animal traps are available to capture animals that are causing a nuisance. To obtain a trap, please contact the NJ Animal Control and Rescue LLC at 201-822-7333 directly. The Health Department will no longer be lending traps and all correspondence should be done through NJAC.

NJ Animal Control and Rescue LLC will also pick up trapped animals and will charge a fee for this service. For further information regarding fees, please call NJAC directly.


Please note the Harrison Board of Health Department no longer issues dog and cat licenses. To obtain a license, please contact the Harrison Clerk's Office at 973-268-2425 - located at 318 Harrison Avenue.